The VAP is anonymous and confidential. offers customized risk-reduction resources. can help you with funding. creates a safety culture in your department. establishes your department’s safety benchmarks. is part of your integrated firefighter safety program. prepares your firefighters for a safer future. is free. identifies gaps in resources, policies, and procedures.

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About the Fire Service Vulnerability Assessment Program (VAP)

The Fire Service Vulnerability Assessment Program (VAP) is a collection of surveys to assist fire departments in identifying vulnerabilities in organizational culture that could endanger firefighter safety. Once a survey is completed, the organization receives a series of recommended resources to help reduce or eliminate the identified risk.

The VAP currently has 7 surveys:

  • 2020 Cardiac Vulnerability Assessment Program
  • 2020 Cancer Vulnerability Assessment Program
  • 2020 Vulnerability Assessment Program (with updated resources)
  • 2020 VAP Quick Assessment 100
  • 2020 Company Officer Vulnerability Assessment Program
  • 2023 Roadway Safety for Firefighters
  • 2023 Firefighter Behavioral Health

In order for a department to know its firefighter safety baseline, the NFFF encourages every fire department in the United States to register and complete the 7 VAP surveys, beginning with Comprehensive VAP.

Since 2015, more than 1594 fire departments have used the VAP with the goal of identifying and correcting risk factors that may lead to a firefighter injury or death. Additionally, the VAP provides justification to municipalities to support budget requests for training, staffing levels, equipment, and other resources.

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